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How to find maps

UvA map collection

Special Collections has an extensive collection of maps and atlases. Part of the map collection cannot be found in the online catalogue, but may be retrieved via the card catalogue in the Map Room. A number of maps can be found online in the Image Database: Maps and Atlases.

Searching the UvA catalogue for maps

Select Advanced search in the UvA catalogue, enter one or more search terms and select the format Maps. For example, you are looking for 19th-century railway maps.

  • Select Advanced Search
  • Search with “All fields” and enter one or more search terms,p.e. railway?
  • Select the format Maps
  • Add a date range at Period

Searching the UvA catalogue for atlases

  • select Advanced Search
  • search for Subject: atlas?
  • combine this with a geographical term in All fields

The term "atlas?" will also find historical and anatomical atlases. If you wish to find world atlases, search by Subject and use the Dutch term “wereldatlassen".

Maps outside UvA

For maps outside the UvA collection, the following databases are useful: