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Highlights of DPC products

Since its formation the DPC has developed a range of products. Here we highlight some of them.


The DPC takes part in national and international collaborations, resulting in portals which give access to the combined information of the partners. The DPC’s task is to store the information centrally and to make it available.



The European OAPEN project initiated a sustainable Open Access publication model for academic monographs in the Humanities. As part of the project, the OAPEN Library portal has been developed, a platform to make books available through open access. The DPC was responsible for the technical realisation, and hosts and manages the platform.


The DPC has developed a production line for the publication of e-journals  by which copy in a Word document is converted  to an online version of the article in an XML environment. The DPC collaborates with publishers such as Amsterdam University Press and Leiden University Press, but also, for example, with NCB Naturalis and research institutes  affiliated to the University of Amsterdam. Below is a selection of the e-journals hosted by the DPC.

Contributions to Zoology

Contributions to Zoology

Contributions to Zoology is a scientific open-access journal on zoology and paleontology. The e-journal is published by NCB Naturalis.

The journal was founded in 1848 by the Royal Zoological Society 'Natura Artis Magistra' in Amsterdam. Since 1939 it has been published by the University of Amsterdam, and since 2005 by the UvA and Naturalis.

From volume 67 (1997) onwards, all articles are online. The average Impact Factor of the past five years is 1.3.

Journal of Archeology in the low countries

Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries (JALC)

The Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries (JALC) is an academic open-access e-journal which focuses on the archaeology of the Low Countries (the Lower Rhine region). JALC is published by Amsterdam University Press.

The aim of JALC is to increase and spread knowledge about ancient societies, their differences and changes over time, and their relation to the natural environment. It aims at both the academic world and those working in commercial or contractual archaeology.

JALC is the first e-journal in the Netherlands with  enhanced publication, making the extensive documentation, characteristic of archaeology, such as images of digs, geographical information, tables and diagrams, all part of the electronic article.

Journal of Sonic Studies

Sonic Studies

Journal of Sonic Studies is a bi-annual open-access e-journal published by Leiden University Press. The journal set out to provide a platform to theorists and artists who wish to contribute to the discourse on sound and the sonic environment of humans and animals.

The journal focuses on the production as well as the consumption of sound (including music, noise and ‘silence’), with special emphasis on the cultural meaning of sound and listening. In (hyper)textual and audio-visual contributions the dynamic interaction between the sonic environment, the socio-cultural environment and the individual listener are presented and charted.

Text databases

Digital text editions offer distinct advantages over traditional printed texts. Text corpora can be searched full text, with many refined search options.

Justiz und NS-Verbrechen

The prestigious series Justiz und NS-Verbrechen, edited by Prof.Dr. C. F. Rüter and Dr. D.W. de Mildt, publishes  the complete collection of German post-war court judgments of Nazi crimes. Amsterdam University Press is the publisher, the DPC sees to its technical realisation.

The anatomical specimens of Frederik Ruysch

The Dutch anatomist Frederik Ruysch (1638-1731) was famous all over Europe for his anatomical specimens. This text database provides the detailed  explanations which Ruysch published in a series of Thesauri Anatomici. It also contains a representative selection of images from his collection of human specimens.

Research databases

The specific functionality of a research database is by its very nature always custom made. Authors and organisations can make use of the expertise of the Digital Production Centre in this field.

Cinema Context

Cinema Context consists of four collections of data with information about the production of a film performance: films, cinemas, persons and companies. The core of Cinema Context is in fact no more than these four lists and their interconnections. On the basis of these core data, networks and patterns in film culture can be analysed. Cinema Context provides data only, it does not contain images.

John Locke’s Drafts for the Essay concerning Human Understanding

In a project funded by NWO, Dr Paul Schuurman (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam) has directed a new edition of the Drafts for the Essay for Oxford University Press. The online edition, the Digital Locke Project, was developed by the Digital Production Centre in collaboration with TAT Zetwerk.

Almost all of the manuscripts of the British philosopher John Locke (1632-1704) have been rediscovered and  are used for what will be the definitive text edition of his works,  the prestigious Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke. His most important work,  the Essay concerning Human Understanding (1689), is accompanied by 3 volumes (Drafts for the Essay), containing material related to the Essay.

Volume III contains the additions and changes for the reprints of the Essay from 1694 to 1706, as well as fragments and chapters which originally were meant to be included in it, but never were. All these manuscripts are stored in a digital database in XML and presented on the Digital Locke website.

Digital dictionaries

Compared to a print version, digital dictionaries offer many extra search options.


The DPC has developed the web version of this successful Latin/Dutch Dictionary. The dictionary is aimed at students and professionals who work with Latin texts. The dictionary, which was very well received in the Netherlands, is published by Amsterdam University Press.