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Digital Production Centre

The Digital Production Centre (DPC) is a department within the sector Digital Services of the Library UvA/HvA. Since its formation in 2000, the DPC has been working  both for and in cooperation with various academics, publishers, museums and libraries to make information accessible to a wider audience.

What does the DPC do?

The DPC offers advice and support on electronic publishing, not just text but a wide range of types of information, from academic publications to research databases and cultural heritage. The DPC gives advice on how best to provide information and takes care of the technical realisation. All products and services of the DPC are based on a professional technical infrastructure, which is managed in cooperation with UvA/HvA’s Central Computer Services.

The various types products developed by the DPC can be roughly distinguished as e-journals, repositories, electronic dictionaries, image and text databases, and research databases.  To give you an impression we have highlighted some of our products.

Basic principles of the DPC

Open access and  international standards

The DPC strongly supports the open access of scholarly and scientific information and tries to make it as easy as possible for academic authors and editors. Moreover, the DPC aims at publishing digital information efficiently, as well as sustainably.

In order to do this, the DPC uses international and open standards. This has several advantages:

  • the information can be harvested by other academic institutions
  • the information is stored permanently, and thus safeguarded for future (re)use
  • more and better search options ( i.e. enhanced access to the contents)
  • increased visibility on the web


Being part of the Library, the DPC is greatly committed to the sustainable and permanent availability of academic information and of important historical heritage. The results of innovative projects can immediately be applied by the DPC to other projects.


Acting under the aegis of the UvA Library, the DPC has an extensive network. The Library is a member of a number of international, academic networks, such ast SPARC Europe, BioMEd Central and the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI). The DPC seeks to collaborate as much as possible with partner institutions, so that our products can not only be made more efficiently but can also reach a much wider audience.

Are you thinking of online publishing?

Please contact Caspar Treijtel to discuss your plans.

Telephone: 020 – 525 2176; e-mail:

ir. C. (Caspar) Treijtel

Team leader Digital Production Centre