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What is UvA-linker?

You see a reference in a database to an interesting article that you would like to read. Will it be electronically available or in print, preferably at UvA? UvA-linker shows you at a glance (example). UvA-linker is the link between the citation and the actual publication itself.

What services does UvA-linker provide?

Direct access to the full text: if the UvA Library has (acquired) access to the digital version of this publication, UvA-linker will provide a direct link.
Information on the availability of a print publication: if there is no digital access to the full text, click Paper version of this book / journal to perform an automatic search in a library catalogue, so as to determine if the publication is available at UvA or any other library in the Netherlands.

How is UvA-linker accessible?

UvA-linker can be used

  • on network PCs in UvA buildings
  • after logging into a database with your UvAnetID
  • on computers connected to UvA via UvAvpn‚Äč

In order to return to a digital article again sometime later, you must be certain that the link to the article is stable. For a reliable, persistent link you can use the web address of UvA-linker.