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Stable links

If you wish to reuse a link to a publication at a later date, you must be sure that the link is stable. The web address that your browser gives, usually contains information on your search session, which is valid only at that particular moment. If you store this web address in your Favourites and try to open it again later, chances are that you will only get the message “The page cannot be found”.

For a reliable, ‘persistent’ link use UvA-linker or a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).



The web address in the browser of the UvA-linker window, is a stable link. If you have opened the window of the UvA-linker in Internet Explorer, use Ctrl-N to see the address bar and copy the address.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

Many articles have a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). This is a unique character string which identifies the article. The DOI is usually given with the abstract, sometimes only after clicking ‘Cross-Ref’ or ‘Full Text’. Paste the code in a DOI resolver and you are taken directly to the article.

You can also find the DOI if you know some of the bibliographic data of an article.