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Digital academic repository UvA-DARE

What is UvA-DARE? 

The Digital Academic Repository of the University of Amsterdam (UvA-DARE) contains publications of UvA researchers. More than 40,000 publications are available in open access (reference date: February 2020). 

How to contribute? 

All UvA researchers can register and upload (metadata of) their publications to UvA-DARE via the current research information system Pure.

After registration and uploading, the information and file (if open access) will be automatically available on your personal page and after validation by your institute or faculty and the library, also in UvA-DARE.

PhD Dissertations

Please note: PhD theses cannot be registered and uploaded via Pure. If you would like more information about adding your dissertation, please see Publishing a doctoral dissertation.

Open Access

Open access enhances visibility of publications

Many publications that are covered by DARE are open access: they can be read by anyone, anyplace, regardless of affiliation or subscription. These publications are marked with the open access logo. Normal copyright rules apply.

There are great advantages to making your publication worldwide available. Publications which are freely available are downloaded and cited more often, are easy to find by Google (Scholar) and will be deposited (for long term preservation) in the e-depot of the Royal Library. If your publisher does not give permission to give access to the definitive publisher's version/PDF, in many cases it is permitted to make the last author version available (i.e. the version after peer review). This version has the same scientific content, but lacks the publisher's lay-out. More information can be found on the open access pages and in the flowchart.


  • Searching for words: You can search on single words or a phrase. Entering 'research and policy' in one search field will show the results that contain the exact phrase 'research and policy'. 
  • Case sensitive: No difference is made between upper and lower case letters.
  • Wildcards: To search for variations of a word or word stem, include an asterisk (*) at the end of the word as a wildcard. The query “war*”, will for example produce results that include ‘wars’, ‘warrior’, ‘warm’ and so forth.


UvA-DARE is based on Fedora software, and developed by the  Digital Production Centre.

UvA-DARE is compliant with the  Open Archives Initiative standard.