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ID for researchers


ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor iD. It is a persistent digital identifier to distinguish researchers. In short, ORCID is a personal ID for researchers like ISBN is for books, ISSN for journals and DOI for articles and data.


ORCID provides a unique and persistent identifier for researchers and scholars. It connects researchers with their research activities throughout their career.

ORCID distinguishes researchers with a common name or have publications under multiple aliases (e.g. Dutch prefixes, married/maiden name). Therefore, it provides the means to reliably identify researchers, regardless of the name similarity, name and discipline changes. An ORCID profile can list the institutions that researchers have worked at, the funding they received, the publications they have authored and the details of any peer reviews they have provided.

More and more publishers and funding organizations are requesting ORCID IDs during manuscript and grant submission. Moreover, ORCID is supported by thousands of institutions, publishers and other organizations involved in the research world. It has become an important part of the global research infrastructure.

Key ORCID benefits

  • Avoids name confusion and improves discoverability.
  • Reduces the burden of manuscript and grant submission. Enter data once, re-use it often.
  • Allows easy sync with various databases (Scopus, Pure, Researcher ID, PubMed, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Academia, Google Scholar, etc.). Have all your work in one place.
  • Links validated information about your research and professional activities. 
  • Helps to connect existing work from existing databases, so that the author has all his/her work in one place.
  • Prevents redundant entry of biographical and bibliographical data into multiple systems.
  • Improves transparency and privacy: you are in control of what is added to your profile and what is visible to the outside world.

How to register?

Register in 3 steps on the website of ORCID, add your information and you will be ready to use your ORCID iD.


If you have questions do not hesitate to Ask the Library.

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