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Pure - Validation

In order to safeguard data quality, Pure has a validation process for publications in four steps, to be taken by the researcher, the Pure manager at the Faculty and the Library.


taken by


Entry in progress


After clicking Save, this phase is done and the status changes to ‘For approval’.

If you do not yet want to finish the entry phase, change the status back to ‘Entry in progress’.

If you have started to enter data, but have not yet clicked Save, the publication will be listed under ‘My personal tasks' at the subheading ‘Pending research output’.

If you wish to finish the input, open the item and change the status from ‘Entry in progress’ to ‘For approval’ and click ‘Save’. 

For approval

Pure manager at the Faculty

The publication will then appear in the task list of the Pure manager at the Faculty for approval. Researchers can still make changes.


Pure manager at the Faculty

After approval from the manager at the Faculty, the publication gets the status ‘Approved’. Researchers can no longer make changes, but the Pure manager can. The publication will be listed in the task list of the Library staff member.



After verifying the bibliographic data, the Library staff member will assign the status: ‘Validated'. The publication can then no longer be changed by researchers and managers, but only by the Library.


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