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All about Borrowing & Consulting

Because of the corona measures the open collections have limited access. We recommend all our borrowers to request books and other printed materials as much as possible via CataloguePlus. UvA students and staff can collect and return books at all reopened locations. External borrowers can only return and collect books at the Singel University Library location. As long as the corona measures continue, books that do not have a reservation can be extended if the maximum loan period is reached. Please contact us in good time via the contact form.

  • Open collections have limited access

    At the moment, the open collections at the various library locations have limited access due to corona, so all borrowers are advised to request material as much as possible via CataloguePlus.

    Do you urgently need material from the open collections that cannot be requested via CataloguePlus? Please contact us by telephone via (+31)20 525 1405 to make a reservation for a consulting space.

  • How do I request material via CataloguePlus?

    Requesting materials is done through CataloguePlus. This is done as follows: 

    1. Log into CataloguePlus at the top right with your UvAnetID or your borrower card number.
    2. Request the desired material via the Request button.
    3. Choose the location where you wish to pick up the material.
    4. As soon as the material is ready for you, you will receive a pickup notification. The material will remain available for you for 7 days.
    5. When you pick up your material, you either lend it to yourself via the lendomaat or it will be loaned to you at the desk. Material that is fragile may only be inspected on site. This material can be recognized by the indication '1 day loan' in the catalog and by a clear strip.
    6. Requested materials are usually delivered within 1-2  business days. No delivery will be made on weekends and holidays.
  • Viewing / borrowing non-requestable materials

    Some of the titles in CataloguePlus cannot be requested. This often concernsworks that are only available for inspection at the locations themselves or material that is in the AUAS collection. If you urgently need access to material from the open collections, please contact us by telephone via (+31)20 525 1405 to make a reservation.

    For material from the collections of the AUAS, read more under Borrowing from the AUAS.

    For all other material that cannot be requested, please contact us via the contact form.

  • Renewal is automatic

    Books with the standard or 7day loan period are automatically renewed three times unless someone else has requested the books. You will receive a message via email if another borrower needs the book or if the maximum loan period has been reached. After the maximum loan period has been reached, you can only have the books renewed at a library desk. In your account in CataloguePlus you will find an overview of all your requested materials and your loans and whether your loan period has expired. 

  • Returning loans

    UvA students and staff can return books at all opened locations. External borrowers can return their books to the University Library Singel.

    As long as the lockdown continues, books that do not have a reservation can be renewed. Please contact us via the contact form. If it is not possible to come to the Library to hand in your books you can also send them by post. 

    University Library of Amsterdam
    Box 19185
    1000 GD Amsterdam 

    Some postal services (e.g. DHL) do not deliver to PO boxes. Then send your package to: 

    University of Amsterdam
    Reference PO Box 19185 (University Library)
    Tafelbergweg 51
    1105 BD Amsterdam 

    Due to the processing time of the mail it may take some time for the books to disappear from your account.

  • Reminders and fines

    Shortly before the maximum loan period expires you will receive a request by email to return the borrowed material. We send reminders from the expiry date of the loan period. The first reminder is free of charge, after that a fine per item will be charged. 

    • Reminder 1: no fine yet 
    • Reminder 2: € 1 
    • Reminder 3: € 4 (total € 5) 
    • Reminder 4: € 10 (total € 15). You will now be blocked; borrowing is no longer possible. 

    Invoice: no later than 4 weeks after the last reminder, you will receive an invoice for the fine, replacement and administration costs (minimum € 75). 

    Paying fines 

    If you return the material, any replacement and administration costs will be canceled but the fine will still have to be paid. Fines can only be paid by debit card at any open desk of the Library (see our location page). With the exception of the Library Learning Centre REC counter where you can only pay in cash. If you fail to pay we call in a collection agency. 

  • Borrowing from the AUAS

    AUAS material is currently not available on request via CataloguePlus. UvA students, staff and external borrowers can visit AUAS libraries and borrow the material on site. UvA students and staff also have the option of requesting material from the AUAS via the library contact form.

  • Material not available?

    In some cases it is not possible to request the material (directly) at the UvA Library, in this case there are two options:  

    1. Borrowing from other libraries: If you cannot find the requested book in our collection it is possible to borrow material from other libraries.
    2. Purchase suggestion: If the material you are looking for is important for UvA teaching or research, you can fill out a purchase suggestion using the Library contact form.