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Frequently Asked Questions

during corona crisis

Studying and facilities

Can I study in the Library again?
It is possible again for UvA students and staff to study in the UB Singel, at Science Park and Roeterseiland Campus, but only if you make a reservation in advance. From Monday July 6th the P.C. Hoofthuis will be added. 
Do you need a study place? Be prepared and read the information on our web page about reverving a study place.

How do I reserve a study place in the library?
For detailed information, see our web page about reserving a study place.

Can I print and / or copy again in the Library?
UvA staff and students who come by to collect material from the UB Singel can copy and scan this material on site. UvA staff and students can also print on the ground floor of the Library Learning Centre (REC H).
Please note: printing is only possible if you have reserved a study place in advance.

For UvA buildings with printing facilities, please check out the UvA web page about Buildings and Facilities.

Can I borrow a Chromebook from the Library?
The regular way of lending Chromebooks for one day is currently not possible. If you urgently need a Chromebook for a longer period, for example for an online exam or because your own laptop is under repair, you can submit a request via the Library contact form. The number of Chromebooks is limited. For those who need a laptop, there is the option to rent one via (with a discount via Surfspot).

Can I use the desktop computers or the public computers in the Library again?
Through our reservation system for study places, called Mapiq, you can book a study place with a desktop PC. Choose the UB Singel, 1st floor in the reservation module and then choose a PC workstation. From Monday 6 July, the public PC's can be used again, also by non-UvA borrowers in the UB Singel. Read how to reserve a study place (with PC).

Borrowing and returns

What can I do as a non-UvA borrower?
From Monday 6 July, non-UvA borrowers will again be able to request, borrow and return books at the University Library Singel. Requests can be placed as early as Friday 3 July at 12.00 hrs. Under non-UvA borrowers are understood: private borrowers, alumni and borrowers from other universities. From Tuesday 7 July, it will again be possible for you to use a public PC to consult the digital collection. Reservation in advance is required. This can be done from Friday 3 July via the library contact form.

In addition, non-UvA borrowers will be able to view the non-lendable works from the open Humanities Collections again. Reservation in advance is required for the collections as well. This can be done from Friday 3 July via the library contact form.

The restart of services for non-UvA borrowers only applies to the University Library Singel location. Due to the limited space on the various campuses, non-UvA borrowers do not have access to other library locations. In addition, it is not possible for non-UvA borrowers to study in the library or reserve a study place, not even in the University Library Singel.

Can I request books via CataloguePlus?
UvA students and staff can request books via CataloguePlus as of Monday 25 May. Note: some materials cannot yet be delivered.

I am a UvA student / staff member and I want to request a book / journal in CataloguePlus, but there is no request option. How do I proceed?
Some materials cannot be delivered or given for inspection at the moment:

  • Old books and other materials from the collections of the Allard Pierson.
  • Books from the HvA collection.

For other books / materials that cannot be requested, please contact us via Ask the Library.

I urgently need an article and / or book for classes or for my thesis that is not available online. Can you help me?
UvA staff and students can submit a request. The Library will check whether the material can be supplied digitally. Keep in mind that it may all take longer than usual, and not everything can be delivered.

Requests can be made via the form on the contact page (choose the option "Request materials"). Please state clearly what you need (title and author, journal title, pages, etc.). There is also a Manual Requesting material.

Can I return books to the library?
UvA students and staff can hand in books at the UB Singel and via the book return machine on the ground floor of the Library Learning Centre (REC H).

Moreover, all books on loan will be extended until Monday 3 August 2020, with the exception of books requested by other library users.

Due to corona measures, I am unable to visit the library to return my books. What should I do?
All outstanding loans will be extended until Monday 3 August 2020, with the exception of books requested by other library users. For those who are unable to return books at the UB Singel, there is an option to send them to us by post. Please, send them to:

Library Learning Centre Roeterseilandcampus
PO Box 15520
1001 NA Amsterdam

Due to the processing time of the mail, it may take some time for the books to be removed from your account.

My VPN sometimes fails. How do I get access to the digital collections?
You do not need a VPN to consult the digital collections. By logging in to CataloguePlus at the top right hand, you get access to the digital collections.

Can I again request materials from libraries other than those of the UvA?
From Tuesday It is again possible to request materials from other libraries via interlibrary loan (ILL). Not all libraries in the Netherlands have started supplying materials again, so not everything can be requested.