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New University Library

Your new University Library

In the centre of Amsterdam, between the Oudezijds Achterburgwal, the Oude Turfmarkt and the Kloveniersburgwal - there is a bit of city where it is still peaceful. No masses of tourists, no shops clamouring for business, no cars roaring through the street. In constantly busy Amsterdam, it is an oasis of calm.

It was not always like this. This used to be where speeding ambulances would arrive, sirens wailing, to rush patients to the Tweede Chirurgische Kliniek and Zusterhuis at what was the largest hospital in Amsterdam's city centre in those days. Everyone was familiar with it. The history of the hospital is written in the bricks here.

Although the historic bricks will be left intact, it will become a different kind of care facility, a psyches Iatreion, or hospital for the soul.

This hospital is your new University Library, which will finish in 2022.

In this library, you not only borrow books or consult databases and ebooks. You also borrow a place to learn, and you are welcome to borrow this place for as long as you like: an hour, a day, a week, a semester. We will see to it that you feel at home; it will be a living room that you will keep coming back to.

We will do this together with you. See, within a couple of years, dreamers and doers will converge on your University Library to discuss and work on all of the various challenges that the future holds for us.

We build on tradition, but work on the future.