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  • Read more about Alex ter Haar
    Alex ter Haar projectleider HuisvestingsOntwikkeling Nieuwe UB

    Name: Alex ter Haar
    Job title: Project Leader University Library, Real Estate Development

    "I have been involved in the building preparations within the Real Estate Development department since November 2012. From drawing up the latest schedule of requirements and appointing the design team (architect and consultants) to selecting the contractors. I act as the client on behalf of the UvA.

    The most tension-filled moment in the preparation phase has been the time during which the project was put on hold, which lasted from late 2015 until early 2017. Obviously, the question was whether the academic community would choose this project and this location. Another tense moment was when the Council of State published its ruling on the objections to the environmental permit and the zoning plan on the basis of which this project is now possible.

    The location right there in the heart of the city and the historic buildings that will house this library makes in my opinion this University Library very special."

    drs. A.F. (Alex) ter Haar

    Project Leader University Library, Real Estate Development

  • Read what Rian Verpalen has to say
    Rian Verpalen projectmanager Huisvesting Facility Services


    Name: Rian Packaging
    Job title: Project Manager Housing at Facility Services

    "As housing project manager I represent Facility Services in the design and realization of the new University Library. It is my responsibility to ensure that the services of FS in a new building can be carried out properly and efficiently. Questions about teaching rooms, security, accessibility, maintenance, installations, acoustics, etc. I pass on to the FS experts. For example, we work step by step with the University Library design team towards a building that is inspiring, functional and manageable in terms of operating costs.

    The most exciting moment has been the choice between variants A and B when consulting the academic community. I am glad that the current variant has been chosen.

    The atrium with solar cells makes the new University Library so special! And the different atmospheres that will be found in the building. I think it will really be a home base for all who support science."

    Ms A.H.M.R. (Rian) Verpalen

    Project Manager Housing at Facility Services

  • Discover what Marloes van Wagtendonk does
    Marloes van Wagtendonk portrait

    Name: Marloes van Wagtendonk
    Job title: Policy Officer Housing Library at the University Library

    "My role within the project is that of policy officer Housing Library at the University Library. On behalf of the Library I think along about the development of the building. I am the link between the library staff, the students and the project team and ensure that the interior design is made and coordinated, that there is communication about the project, but also that in the end the books will be on the shelf. I translate the wishes from the organization into the design and policy.

    In May 2019 I visited the building and was shocked by the condition of the building. It was completely stripped, with mud and puddles everywhere. That was really a tensive moment. Yet I could see that the building is going to be beautiful. The spaces are even bigger and higher than appears on the drawings.

    The new UB is going to be a special building, because every student will find his or her favorite place in the library. There will be nice closed study cells, project rooms, but also classical study rooms where you can study in silence surrounded by books."

    Ms M. (Marloes) van Wagtendonk MSc

    Policy Officer Housing Library at the University Library

  • Get inspired by Robin van Schijndel
    Robin van Schijndel new university library

    Name: Robin van Schijndel
    Job title: Head of Campus Services at the University Library

    "I have been involved in the development of the new University Library since 2004. On the one hand, my role is to contribute ideas and work in the project team, so that there will be a University Library that does justice to the plans and ambitions as formulated by the UvA. On the other hand I am the person responsible for the program for the new UB, on behalf of the management team of the University Library.

    In recent years I have visited many university libraries around the world and I always see that such a library is being built in the context of the institution. The UvA context is that we want a representative library where students and staff can learn and work, where you meet colleagues and/or peers by chance or by appointment, where education is given, where the books and digital collections are consulted, where fun and representative activities take place, that is open to the city and where we show what the UvA stands for. And all that 7 days a week, all year round. A library that all faculties and those of the humanities in particular can be proud of. We will ensure that the new University Library becomes a special place that many generations of students will have fond memories of and will remember with pleasure.

    From the first plans, with regard to the choice of architects and the interior design, I contribute with my input to the project team to ensure that the University Library will "work" and that all functions and activities will be supported by the building and its interior.

    The most exciting moments so far have been the times that the plans were stopped or changed: will the University Library be there or not? Well, it's gonna get there.

    The library is going to be special because it is going to host a vibrant academic community in an inspiring and historic building in the old heart of Amsterdam."

    Mr R.W.M. (Robin) van Schijndel

    Head of Campus Services at the University Library

  • Read on to find out what Martin Huurdeman is contributing
    Martin Huurdeman

    Name: Martin Huurderman
    Position: ICT Services (ICTS) project manager

    'We are trying to achieve a functional building on a campus that is still under development. I am responsible for making sure that all ICT-related matters and ICTS services, such as Wi-Fi, equipment connection points or printing facilities, will work properly. Many colleagues are contributing to this process. Planning and phasing are vital, because you have to act on developments and decision moments within the project at the right time. After all, certain matters that are highly important to ICT are decided in a very early stage or need a long time to prepare. This reason is why I am part of the programme group and the project teams for all the buildings that are to be constructed in the University Quarter.
    The collaboration between the University Library, Real Estate Development (HO), Facility Services (FS) and ICT Services (ICTS) is essential in order to achieve the desired result.

    I felt that the decision actually to construct this building was quite the exciting breakthrough, especially when considering the many years that it has taken for the project to arrive at this stage. With its unique atmosphere, the city centre has long been a great calling card for the UvA. As the university needs a library, the new University Library is a central point in the University Quarter. It will be a beautiful building with a lot of potential. I expect that it will be a popular location among both students and staff at the UvA, which will help the campus come into its own and flourish.'

Over to our students

What do you want in the new University Library? To create the design, we surveyed students to find out their vision of the ideal University Library.

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