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The new University Library

opens in 2022 in the University Quarter
Latest news
3 July 2019
Bookshelves will be placed along the high walls of the Second Surgical Clinic with room for about three hundred thousand books, magazines and other material from the Humanities collections. In the first design plans ...
12 June 2019
The Oudemanhuispoort and Binnengasthuis grounds have a long history that includes a variety of functions. This area has been home to a convent, a hospital, a museum, residential housing and a university. The history ...
23 October 2018
In early 2021, the new University Library will be opening in the University Quarter. What will the interior look like? Imagine a yellow counter instead of red at which to collect requested items, study nooks amidst ...

Discover the new University Library

Your new University Library

In 2022, the new University Library will open its doors on the Binnengasthuis premises in the former Tweede Chirurgische Kliniek and the Zusterhuis buildings, also known as BG13/14. Let's fast-forward to 2022 for a moment: what do you encounter?


The new library is housed in a former hospital. The building consists of three components: the former Tweede Chirurgische Kliniek, the former Zusterhuis and a newly built part.

Facts & Figures

Looking for the facts & figures for the new University Library? A list shows you all of the various aspects involved.


The new University Library is the heart of the University Quarter. The University Quarter is the last campus after the Science Park and Roeterseiland Campus that the university is renovating.


What do you want in the new University Library? To create the design, we surveyed students to find out their vision of the ideal University Library.

Over to

How do we make the new University Library a reality? With the most motivated individuals, professional competence and expertise on how to deal with the current supply of information and the latest technology. Each of the project members are interviewed here.
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Guided Tours
Are you curious about the construction site and would you like to see how the new University Library is being built? Tours will be given in the autumn of 2019. Interested?