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Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) is a collaboration of ÙvA and VU. The media library is managed by the VU Library.

Address, telephone, e-mail, how to reach us

Gustav Mahlerlaan 3004
1081 LA Amsterdam

Telephone: 020 5188 250


For more information see the ACTA website.

Opening hours

Current opening hours Media Library.

Opening hours PC room, accessible to ACTA students only:


8.00 - 22.00


8.00 - 22.00


8.00 - 22.00


8.00 - 22.00


8.00 - 20.00


During (national) holidays opening hours may change. 


The Dentistry media collection has been added to the catalogue of the VU Library (UBVU).


The ACTA Library is an information centre with 92 PCs with internet access, as well as access to the ACTA StudyWeb. There are printers, photocopiers and binding machines. 

There is also a silence room with 24 study spaces (without a PC).

If you have no affiliation with ACTA, please request a visitor's pass at the reception desk at the main entrance to ACTA.

Library card

ACTA students and staff have free access to the library.

  • ACTA-VU students can borrow publications with their student ID card.
  • ACTA-UvA students and ACTA staff may request a library card in the Media Library
  • Students and staff of other Dutch libraries are entitled to a free library card.
  • Users not affiliated to a Dutch university may buy a library card at the central UBVU Library and VUMC Library.

With a library card you have access to almost all off the available information resources in the Media Library.


The loan period for study books is one week. For the regular collection the loan period is one month, unless otherwise indicated. The loan period may be extended four times via the UBVU Catalogue.