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Sharing Open Teaching Materials

By sharing your teaching materials you are contributing to the improved accessibility of education, the valorisation of knowledge, and it is an opportunity to make a name for yourself or your institution.

Sharing teaching materials also offers other advantages, such as:

  • Improving the quality (through feedback and an enhanced focus on quality by the creator)
  • Encouraging cooperation (even cross-country)
  • Further professionalisation of the lecturer

Assigning a license to your own material

Think about under what license you want to make your work available. A good option is to share your work under a Creative Commons (CC-)license. A CC-license ensures the author remains the copyright holder while allowing your work to freely be shared and edited. Depending on how you want others to use your work there are a number of options should you choose to use a CC-license. All licenses require that your name as the author must be mentioned. Then you can choose whether your work may be edited, used for commercial purposes, or whether it can be shared under the original conditions.

More information about CC-licenses (Dutch only)

Copyright Information Point for lecturers

Share where?

A platform that allows you to share open teaching materials:

Canvas Commons: If you use this service you can share your work on 4 levels:

  • Personally (just you)
  • A group in Canvas Commons (a specific Canvas users group)
  • University of Amsterdam (all Canvas users in the UvA)
  • Consortium in Canvas (a specific group of institutions that use Canvas)

Canvas Commons groups can only be created by Canvas administrators, then the group leaders can invite colleagues to be members of the group. Please contact Canvas administrators if you want to create a group.