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Citing and recording sources

When writing a paper or thesis, it is important to have a solid understanding of the principles behind citing and recording sources. That means you have to make it clear which ideas are your own and which come from other people. You acknowledge your sources and this safeguards your academic integrity. The Library can offer you support in correctly citing and recording sources.

In order to help you become more aware of the importance of proper citation, the Library has developed an online course. The course, which is available online under a CC-BY licence, is made up of two modules and everyone can take it at their own pace. By means of videos, texts and interactive assignments, you will learn how you are supposed to cite sources in practice.

For UvA lecturers

UvA lecturers can copy the two course modules – separately or together – to the Canvas learning environment. For interface instructions regarding citation software (RefWorks, Zotero, Mendeley), the course redirects to other web pages.

Would you like to copy both of the modules to your own online course environment? Search for Citing Sources in Canvas Commons and then click Import. The separate modules can be embedded as an external link:

  • Module A of the online course Citing Sources;
  • Module B of the online course Citing Sources.

Want to keep track of your references to secondary sources?

You can save a lot of time by using citation software. The UvA Library has licences for RefWorks and Mendeley and can also help you in using the free software Zotero. These tools make it easy for you to format the citations in your document according to the required style guidelines.