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Information Specialist Spanish

Study & Research Support

Drs. S. (Stefano) Giani

Subject librarian

Stefano Giani is the Subject Librarian for Spanish and Latin American Studies and provides support to students and staff in their study and research. Please contact him for (among others):

Individual assistance

Students working on assignments (paper, thesis), professors teaching courses or researchers working on projects (articles, PhD-thesis) may at all times contact the Subject Librarian if they need help with any of the following:


All workshops are aimed at developing (a subset of) information literacy skills within an academic environment. The instructions are tailored both to subjects relevant to the study program and to the knowledge level of the participants (BA, MA, PhD, staff). Topics which can be addressed during a workshop include:

  • tuning the choice of the search tool to the query
  • finding a specific (online) book or journal article
  • finding publications on a specific topic
  • evaluating information
  • citation tools  and citation styles
  • Research Data Management 

The decision as to whether the Subject Librarian and/or the (seminar) supervisors will teach the Workshops, or if the Library will only provide the instruction materials, is taken in consultation between the Subject Librarian and the supervisors.