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  • Physics Collection


    Total size of the collection: about 15,000 titles spread across a number of locations of which the most important are the Science Library and the University Library. The collection of physics is university wide at the level of a collection for teaching and research. The collection is strongly focused on the needs resulting from current research. Physics is classified under section 33.** of the Dutch Basic Classification.

    The mean of the physics-categories is on the level of a research collection. The following items are at the research level: 

    •      History of physics (especially the theory of relativity and A. Einstein); 
    •      Didactics of physics (didactics for secondary science education); 
    •      Mathematical physics; 
    •      Classical optics; 
    •      Relativity, gravitation; 
    •      Thermodynamics; 
    •      Statistical physics; 
    •      Modern optics; 
    •      Physics of elementary particles and fields; 
    •      Quantum field theory; 
    •      Properties of specific particles, resonances; 
    •      Condensed matter, generally.
  • Support
    Mr N.H. (Nesru) Koroso

    Information Specialist

    Contact Nesru Koroso if you need help with:

    • Information skills (scientific literature search)
    • Research Data Management (RDM)
    • ORCID
    • Research Professional
    • Book purchase suggestions