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Collection profile Law Library

The Law Library collection comprises the following subjects:

General/mixed fields of law/miscellaneous

Contains the collection in the following fields: building law, health law, juvenile law, air law, transport law, legal informatics and international relations.

Competition law

European competition law has been classified with European law (subject code QB). In European and international competition the main focus is on standard works for education purposes. Materials which are to be used by researchers take second place in the order of priorities. Research focuses on international competition law and comparative laws with regard to competition law.

Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

Works in the field of constitutional and administrative law are purchased in the field of freedom of expression, comparative law, minorities, relation EU-constitutional law, immigration law and environmental planning law. Apart from the Netherlands, the collection focuses in particular on Great-Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Austria.

Criminal Law and Criminology

The collection of criminal law consists of literature concerning Dutch and foreign criminal law and law of criminal procedure, penology and police, international criminal law e.g. law of tribunals. The collection of criminology contains Dutch and foreign literature.

Environmental law

Environmental law material is mainly purchased in the field of European, international environmental law, environmental administrative law, environmental management, environmental private law and environmental criminal law.

The Centre for Environmental Law has its own collection. However this collection is not accessible to the public.

European Law

The collection of European law contains substantive and institutional law, whereby all subfields are represented.
Material with regard to the European integration in all its facets can be found in the library.

History of law

The collection of history of law mainly consists of: Roman law, sources of ancient law, history of law of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, France and European history of law.

Human rights

The main focus in the collection is on general works on human rights and Dutch human rights/fundamental rights. In addition, the collection also includes works on refugee law and the protection of human rights on an international and European level.

Intellectual property, media law and information law

The collection includes literature about Dutch and foreign law of intellectual property in general and about copyright and law of industrial property in particular. Moreover, there is literature about media and information law.

The separate Institute for Information Law (IViR) has a well stocked documentation centre that is open to staff and students.

International economic law

The collection of books contains material in the field of the law of international economic relations, including the law of various international (e.g. GATT/WTO) and regional economic organisations (in particular the European Union), international commercial law and the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).

International private law (IPR) and comparative law

The IPR collection contains literature on the theory of IPR, French, German, English and American general introductions with regard to IPR, international personal law and family law, international litigations, conflict of laws and EU regulations in the field of IPR.
The collection comparative law covers subjects such as theory of comparative law, legal transplants, and legal traditions.

International public law

Apart from general international law various subfields in the collection are collected.
They include (humanitarian) law of war, international criminal law, (war) crimes (crimes that are liable to punishment under international law) and various war tribunals, international and European environmental law and the rule of law.

Labour Law and social security law

The collection contains literature about working conditions, labour and social security, collective labour law, labour and labour market, social benefits and social insurance. Not only Dutch literature is available for all subfields, but also literature from different European countries and the United States. The Law Library has an extensive collection of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

Law of international organisations

The collection contains material with respect to the institutional and legal aspects of international organisations, whereby the international political, economic and social cooperation within the framework of international organisations is also considered.

Philosophy of law and sociology of law

The collection of philosophy of law chiefly contains works in the field of theory of law, finding of law, interpretation, justice.
With sociology of law the emphasis is on epistemology and law, social order and law, legal pluralism and anthropology of law.

Private law

The collection of private law consists of Dutch and foreign civil law and commercial law. Health law, juvenile law, agricultural law, building law and transport law have also been included in this collection.
Foreign private law mainly consists of civil law and commercial law of Belgium, Germany, France and Switzerland and of the so-called Common Law countries.

Tax Law

The emphasis in the collection is on Dutch tax law. Foreign tax law is hardly collected; for this field students and staff can consult the IBFD (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation). Books about (legal) economics have also been classified with the section tax law.