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Human Geography, Planning and International Development

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Here you can find relevant information for Human Geography, Planning and International Development students and staff.
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If you have any questions, please contact Judith Opitz:

  • Collection

    Collection formation is aimed at supporting education and research of the Human Geography, Planning and International Development department at the University of Amsterdam. Most of the collection can be found online.

    The printed materials are placed in the stacks on the second floor of the Library Learning Centre Roeterseilandcampus. The printed books collection has specific classification marks listed below. View the Classification scheme [pdf] for an overview of the whole scheme. 

    • 21.60-21.79 architecture
    • 43.00-43.99 environmental science
    • 56.60-56.69 architectonic design (incl. 56.62 house-building)
    • 56.70-56.79 urban development
    • 71.14 urban society
    • 71.60 social problems and social conflicts: gen. (incl. 71.61 discrimination, 71.62 ethnic relations, 71.63 minorities question, 71.68 socially handicapped, incl. poverty)
    • 71.80 social policy: general (incl. 71.83 public housing)
    • 73.08 development problems 
    • 74.00-74.29 (human) geography 
    • 74.60-74.79 physical planning (incl. 74.72 urban planning and 74.75 traffic, transport)
    • 74.80-74.99 demography (incl. 74.94 migration)
    • 83.46 development economics
    • 83.64 regional economics, incl.: urban economics
    • 86.71 building law
    • 86.76 physical planning law
    • 89.70 international relations: general (incl. globalization, geopolitics)

    You can find course materials on the first floor across the information desk. The rest of the print collection can be requested from our book depot (IWO). The location of all materials can be found in CataloguePlus.

    You can also request materials from other libraries through interlibrary loan.

    Do you have a title suggestion for the library? Please let us know.

  • Support

    Judith Opitz provides support to research and education.

    Ms J.C. (Judith) Opitz

    Information Specialist Human Geography, Planning and International Development