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Due to the tightened measures around corona, we are forced to close the doors for our external borrowers until Monday 15 March.

Requesting materials and consulting collections no longer possible

Currently, it is not possible for external borrowers to request printed materials from the University Library collections, nor to make reservations for a public access PC or a workplace at the Humanities Collections.

Loan periods are extended

Do you still have books at home? The lending period will automatically be extended until the Library reopens. However, it remains possible for external borrowers to return books via the return box in the hallway of the University Library Singel.

Renewal of paid memberships

We regret not being able to help you in the time ahead. We hope for your understanding. As a compensation, all paid memberships will be extended by the duration of the library closure.

Government (Rijksoverheid)

The University Library Amsterdam follows the measures and rules explained on the Dutch government's website On this website it is stated that University Libraries currently can only provide services to vulnerable students.

Special cases or any questions?

Are you conducting scientific research and is your work in danger of getting behind? Please contact the Library via Ask the Library. Together with you, the Library will search for solutions that fit.

If you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us via Ask the Library.