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Until 15 March, you will find a very special touch screen in the entrance hall of the University Library at the Singel. This customised installation contains digital exhibitions of heritage collections put together by book historian Paul Dijstelberge. The installation uses the interactive presentation software Metabotnik, which originated at the UvA. Curious? Come to a presentation session.

Discover a new way of putting together your own presentations. Image:
Discover a new way of putting together your own presentations. Image:
Image: Monique Kooijmans
Image: Monique Kooijmans

The exhibition machine in the entrance hall of the University Library contains a presentation of twelve exhibitions of images dating from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, including anatomical prints, cityscapes and examples of old cartography, compiled by Paul Dijstelberge. The Metabotnik interactive presentation software allows you to zoom in and out when viewing images, to get an overall view or zoom in to the tiniest detail. 

Make your own presentation 
The Metabotnik software, which is publicly accessible, was developed in collaboration with computer scientist Etienne Posthumus. From now on, this software will allow researchers, lecturers and students to collect images and present them in overall view or show them in the sharpest details. The images can be linked to digital information elsewhere. Via Metabotnik you can make presentations yourself and exhibit them on your own device. 

The Metabotnik software was funded by NWO (Dutch Research Council) . This exhibition was made by the start-up TavolArte. They have also made interactive installations for institutions such as Museum Vrolik and Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar.

Three presentation sessions 
Paul Dijstelberge gives three presentations, where he shows participants the possibilities of the Metabotnik software and can tell more about the collections in terms of content. Check the dates and register.