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Do you feel stressed and distracted during exam periods as well? The National ThinkTank is conducting experiments at the University Library Singel to improve focus and reduce stress while studying. This field research will be running from 3 until 6 December.

Image: Verlicht. The National ThinkTank

The National ThinkTank found that lots of people nowadays feel overstimulated and stressed. E-mails, social media updates, and whatsapp messages are constantly coming our way, making it hard to focus and easy to be distracted. The consequences are chronically high stress-levels that people dislike, but find hard to get rid of. 

PhoneForest is an installation that helps people to collectively part ways with their own digital distractions. You can leave your phone in the leaves of the tree,  which improves your concentration, flow and reduces distractions. 

Verlicht uses dynamic light-technology to help people to relax and retain their energy after digital distractions. Looking at the lightinstrument for three minutes already contributes to a lower heart rate and feeling more relaxed. The ThinkTank collaborates with ex-Philips designer Tom Bergman. 

Who are we?
The National ThinkTank is formed each year by twenty young new university graduates with different backgrounds, who are assigned to tackle a societal problem together. This year the question is: ‘How can we make and keep the digital society resilient, fair, inclusive and healthy?’ The UvA is structural partner of the National ThinkTank. 

Image: PhoneForest. The National ThinkTank