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A template was recently made available for the arrangement of thesis-based courses in Canvas. Using this template will ensure that the final draft of a thesis is checked for plagiarism, assessed, published with due regard for copyright and subsequently stored along with the assessment form for a period of seven years.

Illustration from Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The template provides thesis supervisors and lecturers with an overview of all students engaged in writing their theses at three levels: the course with which the thesis is associated, the department and the faculty. The full thesis file will be available to those parties involved throughout the process. Using the template will make version control issues, duplicate storage and superfluous manual work things of the past.

The template supplied encompasses:

  • a sample arrangement for the thesis workflow which includes assessment, storage, publication and reporting standard;
  • a step-by-step plan for faculty SIS and Canvas administrators for the purposes of using the format;
  • a comprehensive guide for faculty Canvas administrators, thesis supervisors and lecturers for the arrangement of their own thesis-based courses.

The Dutch and English template can be found in Canvas Commons under the name:

  • course scriptieworkflow Nederlands
  • course thesis workflow English

Further information on the developments of the thesis workflow are in the Canvas course for the Thesis Workflow User Group which is universally accessible by means of self-enrollment.

Any questions?
These can be put to the faculty’s Canvas administrators.

You can also get in touch with one of the below participating faculty project team members of the Common Thesis Workflow project or the project manager: