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The new videos briefly explain a number of topics to help students find academic sources more intelligently. They also show students how to get more out of the Library’s services.

Library Instruction videos

One of the common themes in these ten instruction videos is, for example, how UvA students can consult articles using Google Scholar without having to pay. Another subject – covered in two of the videos – is how students can find, edit and share citations.
There are also videos on how to find academic sources efficiently, including two about how to find electronic books and magazines.
And finally, a special video was made about how to recognise fake news.

Introductory video
This film is meant to show first-year students how to find their way about the Library. It shows students how the Library can help them with their studies and what services it offers.
The videos were all conceived and made by the Library’s Information Specialists.

If you would like to know more about using these videos, please contact the Library.