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From Monday 27 May to Wednesday 5 June, the University Library will be switching over to a new library system. Our services will be restricted during this time. Read more about what temporarily is not possible.

Borrowing and making requests temporarily unavailable
Date What is not possible? What is possible?
22 to 26 May Requesting books/journals to be collected
at the Bushuis location
All other services
27 and 28 May Requesting books/journals from the UBA-Boekendepot and all other locations All other services
29 May to 4 June Making requests, borrowing, renewing, reserving books, journals and other printed materials
  • Searching in CataloguePlus
  • Consulting materials in the open collections
  • Consulting/Downloading e-books, e-articles and databases
  • Returning books to library service desks
  • Requesting materials from other libraries*
5 June All Library services resume  

* Requested books from other libraries can be picked up from 5 June onwards. You will receive a notification.

What happens to books I have requested or reserved?

  • Requested/reserved books which are ready for pick up at a library location on 29 May will remain available for collection until 12 June. You will again be able to pick  them up from 5 June onwards.
  • Unfortunately, requests/reservations which are not ready to be picked up by 28 May will be cancelled.
  • If you want to save a request/reservation, make a printout or take a screenshot of My Requests before 29 May and enter the request/reservation in the new system. This can be done from 5 June onwards in CatalogusPlus.


For more information, please see the FAQ below. You can also contact us via Ask the Library or go to a library  service desk.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: 
Will I still have access to digital journal articles, e-books and databases?
Yes, these will all remain available during the changeover.

Question 2:
The loan period on my book expires on 30 May. Can I renew it during the period from 29 May to 5 June?

No, you cannot renew it yourself. You will have to renew your books before 29 May or from 5 June onwards. Any fines will not be increased during that period.

Question 3:
I need books from an open collection. Can I borrow them?

No, it will not be possible to borrow books and other printed materials from 29 May to 5 June. You will, though, be able to consult, copy or scan the material in situ.

Question 4:
I have reserved books and have received a message that they are ready to be collected. Can I collect them?

You can collect your books until 28 May. After that, they will remain reserved until 12 June. You can collect them from 5 June onwards.

Question 5:
I have reserved a book that is out on loan. Will my reservation remain valid?

No, unfortunately, we will not be able to transfer your reservations to the new system. The best thing you can do is to take a screenshot/photo of your reservations (My Requests) before 29 May and place the reservation again from 5 June onwards in CatalogusPlus.

Question 6:
Will my ‘Saved items’ in CatalogusPlus be retained in the new system?

No, unfortunately, we will not be able to transfer the ‘Saved items’ to the new system. The best thing you can do is to take a screenshot of your saved titles and save them again from 5 June onwards in CatalogusPlus.

Question 7:
Why is the Library changing over to a new system?

The supplier will stop supporting the present system in a few years’ time. The new system will also allow us to improve the management of our collections.

Question 8:
Why isn’t the Library making the change during the summer? That would cause less disruption.

Unfortunately, the date for the changeover was largely decided by the supplier. The summer was unfortunately not an option.