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The UvA Research Support Portal is now live. This portal collects existing information for UvA researchers that is relevant when preparing, executing and completing research.

Research Support Portal FNWI Science Park

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One platform that refers you to relevant information
The UvA offers support in various ways to researchers that are preparing, conducting and /or completing their research. However, researchers are not always aware of all the information available, partly because the information about research support has been placed in so many places. Previously, researchers had to search for information in A-Z lists, on faculty sites and external sites such as SURF and IXA. With the Research Support Portal, this is no longer necessary. Relevant information is placed on the portal in categories that are familiar to researchers and from there you are referred to the existing information elsewhere on the web.

Continuous optimization
The Research Support Portal has been established by collecting insights, wishes and feedback from researchers and research supporting teams from the UvA. When new information is made available to UvA researchers, it will be included in the Research Support Portal with a reference link to the source. To keep the portal as complete and up-to-date as possible, visitors to the portal can submit questions, comments and suggestions via the contact form on the homepage.

Samen doen!
The Research Support Portal is an example of Samen doen!, an initiative in which the shared services units, staff and faculties join forces.

The images on the Research Support Portal show UvA researchers during their research.