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As of today, UvA researchers are able to link published datasets in UvA/HvA figshare to corresponding publications in Pure. The library has created an automated link connecting the two systems. This means that it is no longer necessary for researchers to manually register their datasets in Pure when they have already been published in UvA/HvA figshare.

Once researchers publish datasets in UvA/HvA figshare the metadata is then, after synchronisation, made available in Pure. Researchers will receive a confirmation by email, inviting them to link their datasets to the corresponding publication in Pure. The DOI in Pure allows for the dataset to be accessed in UvA/HvA figshare.

This same service will be made available for HvA researchers around May.


UvA/HvA figshare
UvA/HvA figshare is a system that allows researchers to safely store and share their research data with other researchers. Upon completing their research the same system allows researchers to publish and archive their data.

Pure is a system that allows researchers to register their research findings as journal articles and books. It can also be used to produce SEP-rapports (standard evaluation protocol) to measure and ensure the quality of the research. Published datasets are also research findings and registering these in Pure ensures that the datasets can also be included in further reporting.