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In November Coalition S announced the guidelines for implementing Plan S, the transition to complete open access.

Open access

From the 1st of January 2020 all publications resulting from NWO financing and other national and European research financiers - united in Coalition S - must find publication in fully open access journals or open access platforms.

The guidelines for implementation provide clarity concerning the requirements and conditions that will be enforced. According to the guidelines there will be three ways (routes) to publish your work:

  • Publish in fully open access journals and open access platforms.
  • Submitting your work, or the accepted copyright version, to a repository. It should be noted that the work cannot be under embargo and that you retain the copyrights.
  • Publish in ‘hybrid’ journals on the condition that you use a contract that the VSNU and the coalition of universities has negotiated with the publishers.

There is an opportunity to comment on these guidelines until the 1st of February 2019. In the Netherlands, the NWO will organise a meeting in January to collect feedback. Information concerning this event can soon be found on the NWO website.

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