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Affinity is the keyword for, an initiative of UvA students for selling and buying their used textbooks online at a friendly price.  The idea is for UvA students to use their own online space, with no intermediaries, and bring offer and demand together. The website and app are launched with the support of the UvA Library.

Krishna Shukla UvABooks
Photo Krishna Shukla

Founder Krishna Shukla explains: 'Books that you no longer need can be a treasure to other students who happen to have a similar academic profile as yours. That is why this UvA online book market makes sense'.

UvABooks has developed an app which makes it quick and easy to post your used textbooks online. Just use your smartphone to scan the ISBN code of the book you are selling and it will be posted automatically.  If you do not want to sell it, you can opt to temporarily loan the book. The price and the loan period are up to you.

Always a result

Maybe you are searching for a book and can’t find it among the books posted.  Don’t worry: in that case you will be taken to the Library catalogue or to the bookstore where this particular book is available. 

Personalised profile

When you create an account, you can not only post the books you no longer need, you can also track books. 'When you follow a book, other students know that you're looking for it,' says Shukla. 'They can approach you by clicking on the Facebook icon. If you don’t have Facebook, you can chat via the internal chat box.

This approach within the UvA student community makes UvABooks an effective marketing tool. Robin van Schijndel, from the UvA Library explains: 'By supporting UvABooks, the Library is helping students find their academic resources wherever they are available, even outside the Library itself.'