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Are you looking for somewhere to study during the examination period? All of the major library locations have extended opening hours and additional study rooms during this period. During the peak period, from Monday 26 to Thursday 29 March, more than 750 extra study spaces will be available.


In collaboration with Facility Services (FS), the Library will have access to the lecture rooms not in use, which will be deployed as places to study during this examination period. This offer will depend on the availability of the lecture rooms and may therefore vary from day to day. Use the links below to check availability or visit the library information desk at the location concerned for further information.

City Centre

  • In the city centre, the University Library Singel has extended opening hours. The library areas and the study centre will remain open until 23.45. Additional study rooms are available and new study areas have even been opened in building B. These are rooms 01 and 02, which together include 50 new study places.
  • The Library P.C. Hoofthuis is open until 22.00 from Monday until Thursday. Additional activities, such as yoga sessions, are being held in order to help reduce students' stress. Lecture rooms will also be made available for self-study. The available rooms will be listed on the screens at the location itself.
  • If you would like to experience something new, you can even try studying in a church. In collaboration with the library, Stadsherstel offers additional study places in De Duif (Prinsengracht 756) on the following days: 26, 27 and 28 March, from 10.00 to 19.00. Only a limited number of study places are available.


Roeterseiland Campus

  • During the weekends of 17-18 and 24-25 March and on Friday 23 March the Library Learning Centre (LLC) will remain open for longer, until 22.00.
  • During the weekend of 24-25 March there will be an extra 100 study places available in the lecture rooms on the ground floor of REC E.
  • During the examination week of 26-29 March over 200 extra study places will be available on the first floor of Building A and the first floor and basement area of Building B/C.

See the notices on the monitors and posters for information on which lecture rooms have been made available.

Science Park

  • In the week commencing Sunday 25 March, additional lecture rooms in the Science Park have again been booked for each degree programme for use as study places. In addition, the other available lecture rooms can also be used for study. For an overview, see Datanose, your study association or ask at the Library information desk.
  • In the weekend of 24-25 March, both the Library and the study centre will be open from 09.00 until 20.00. Lecture rooms will also be made available.