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According to the newly presented government coalition agreement ‘open science’ and ‘open access’ will be the norm in scientific research. A lot has been done in the past few years to work towards this goal and recent advances have reached a new milestone: the number of open access articles from Dutch researchers with traditional publishers has surpassed the 10,000.

In the last two and a half years an ever increasing group of publishers made an open access agreement which has led the number of published open access articles to grow exponentially. A paragraph pertaining to open access has been added to the fourteen agreements between the joint universities and publishers. For approximately 8,000 journals a discount has been stipulated for the publishing fee, often covering 100%. Furthermore, over the last while, through trial and error, the workflow and communication with researchers has been improved on. All of this has resulted in the number of open access articles with these publishers to reach the milestone of 10,000.


The share of UvA-researchers in this number has been estimated at 14%. As of recently the open-access logo can be found on the publication tab of the UvA-staff page (example) for all publications that are available to the public worldwide. 

An overview of open access financing options at the UvA


Despite these successes there is still a lot of work to be done to get open access publishing to fully function within the current subscription models. This autumn new negotiations will commence between the Dutch universities and different publishers to further improve open access. Through clear information concerning the agreements via the national platform, and a complete inventory of the available titles in the Journal Browser, open access will be embraced even more widely in the years to come.