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The Annual Report [in Dutch] has been published in the form of an infographic showing the goals, intended results and specific actions per strategic line, with hyperlinks to relevant web articles. The facts & figures provide a clear insight into the figures for 2016.

Library desk
Photo: Monique Kooijmans

In 2016, the four strategic lines set out in the UvA/UAUS Library Policy Plan: Kennis verder brengen 2015-2018 (“Advancing knowledge further”) (in Dutch) were developed further, that is to say:

  1. Students, lecturers and researchers use the UvA/AUAS Library to find sources and information that meet their needs and desires.
  2. The UvA/AUAS Library contributes to the quality of teaching and research by supporting the open sharing of data and reuse of results.
  3. The UvA/AUAS Library forms the natural heart of the campus.
  4. The UvA/AUAS Library strengthens the profile and image of the UvA and the AUAS.

Our achievements include: 

  • a generous donation from the Amsterdam University Fund (AUF) for the digitisation project with Google;
  • the conclusion of the Digitisation by Google project;
  • further tightening up of the open access agreements with publishers;
  • implementing Pure as the replacement of the research registration system Metis;
  • the exhibition Out of the Box with exhibits chosen by UvA researchers from the Heritage Collection. 

See the Annual Report and facts & figures for yourself to get a complete overview.

Go to the 2016 Annual Report and reports from previous years [in Dutch]

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