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Need a few minutes as a group to work on a project, before or after a lecture? Or somewhere for concentrated study on your own? At the new Learning Spaces close to the teaching facilities, you can choose a workplace to suit you.

Artist's impression Learning Space A0

A number of new student workstations have been created this summer on the ground floor of REC A. The first floor of REC BC has also been completely transformed into a new Learning Space.

Our Learning Spaces are areas in which you can find a choice of workplaces to suit your particular needs, either intensive private study or brainstorming with fellow students, using whiteboards or a screen you plug your laptop into. Plenty of power sockets are provided. The Learning Spaces are also located conveniently close to the lecture theatres and classrooms, so you can pop in or arrange to meet there between lessons. And you can select just the type of workplace you need at that particular moment.

Helpful student input

The new Learning Spaces have been designed in consultation with students and staff. Architect Tanja Buijs-Vitkova of Aiscube describes how useful she found her discussions with students. ‘They really helped us make the design even better. For example, they pointed out that even the shared workplaces are used for concentrated study during exam periods. So they have to be properly equipped for that, too. One aspect we’ve paid particular attention to is the lighting. The small lamps on the big tables shine downwards, providing a degree of privacy and calm.’

Artist's impression Learning Space BC1

Tips or comments? Let us know!

Some of the furniture is only temporary and the final building work still has to be completed, but the Learning Spaces are already in use. If you notice anything wrong, like a defective socket, or you have any complaints, tips or questions about the new facility, please follow the link below to the feedback form on the site page (click on the appropriate address on the map).

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Roeterseiland Campus study facilities

With the addition of the new Learning Spaces, the University Library now has about 1,700 student workplaces on the Roeterseiland Campus. You can also use De Brug coffee bar in building A and REC H, and the workstations on the second and third floors of REC B/C. The opening hours of these facilities vary.

Locations and opening hours

For full details of study facilities across the university and when they are open, see our list of locations. 

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