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In the 'Learning Spaces' in REC A and B/C there will be created ca 850 new study spaces without a PC. The new study spaces will be phased into use from the start of the new academic year.

REC A studieplekken 1
Artist's impression Learning Space REC B/C ground floor

All study spaces in REC A (ground and first floors) are new. The first floor of REC B/C/D will be renovated and ca 100 study spaces will be added in this area. All new study spaces will come into use in phases.

Students involved in the design

When designing these areas, architect Tanja Buijs-Vitkova from Aiscube consulted students and staff. The design provides a variety of study spaces and furniture. There will be spaces for concentrated work, but also for small groups to collaborate, provided with screens and whiteboards. This way there all kinds of study spaces on the campus. The study spaces are provided with plenty of power points.

Are you curious to see what it will be like? See the artist’s impressions below. Click the little square and you will see a slideshow of images.

REC A studieplekken 7
Artist's impressions study spaces REC A and B/C

By the addition of these study spaces, the Library provides ca 1700 study spaces on the Roeterseiland Campus. Students can also use The Bridge in A, with catering, and REC H, as well as the study spaces on the second and third floors of REC B/C.

Preliminary work

This week Facility Services UvA start work on the new study spaces in REC B. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Looking for a good space to study right now?

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