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A paper on mobility and potential exposure to diversity, written by UvA researchers Marco te Brömmelstroet, Anna Nikolaeva and Meredith Glaser of Urban Planning and others, is now in the top 5% of most cited articles worldwide.

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(source: Routledge Altmetrics).

This success, especially reaching a non-academic audience, is directly due to the recent open-access agreement between the Library and Taylor & Francis publishers. This allowed the authors to bring the article to the attention of a much wider audience via, Linkedin, Facebook and Researchgate.

The article in question is:

Te Brömmelstroet, M., Nikolaeva, A., Glaser, M. A., Nicolaisen, M., en C. Chan (2017). Traveling together alone and alone together: Mobility and potential exposure to diversity. Applied Mobilities 2(1), 113-129.

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