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The Dutch universities and Oxford University Press (OUP) were unable to come to a new agreement about access to academic journals.

Open Access

It is therefore expected that as of 31 May 2017 UvA staff and students will no longer have access in the usual way (such as CataloguePlus or the journals list) to the articles in ca 350 electronic journals from this publisher which have been published after 2016. Publishing in them is still possible.

There are alternative ways to acquire recent articles. UvA staff can:

  • use their international network to request PDFs of these articles, for example via ResearchGate, or Mendeley. Please, be aware of the copyright regulations as employed by these networks.
  • request the article from one of the authors or a foreign colleague. This is allowed by copyright as fair use.

UvA students and staff can:

  • often find the author version (i.e. the last version of an article before it is published in a journal) via Google Scholar, if it has been published in an open-access source.
  • find freely available versions of articles in OUP journals via various tools, such as UnpaywallDOI and Open Access button.


For the VSNU, the starting point in the negotiations was the transition to open access: freely available articles, without having academics pay twice for them. Oxford University Press made a proposal to the Dutch universities which did not include an offer for affordable open access. The universities could not agree to this.

Publishers and platforms with whom a deal was closed on open access

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