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An increasing number of journals from large publishers allow researchers to publish open access without extra costs. Making publications freely available and giving them a large reach thus becomes more and more easy. ‘Open up to open access’ is therefore the slogan of a national campaign by the VSNU which starts today.

During the past two years universities in the Netherlands have made agreements with publishers such as Springer, Wiley and Elsevier about the costs for publishing open access.  Only recently, deals have been made with Taylor & Francis, the American Chemical Society, Brill, Lippincott and Thieme.

By now, more than 8,000 journals come under these ‘big deals’. In addition, there are other journals and university repositories (such as UvA-DARE) in which you can publish open access without extra costs. Simply publishing open access in your favourite journals has thus in many cases come within reach.


By publishing open access you stimulate the reuse of knowledge, in science as well as in education, health care, public administration and other professions. Moreover, thanks to open access non-academics have free access to high-quality information and are not confronted by paywalls.

More information

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of open-access publishing or do you need help with an open-access publication?

Please, send an email to the open-access team of the University Library