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Last winter a mystery object from the library’s Special Collections was on view in the Science Park library. The question was: do you know what this mysterious object is?

mystery object

The correct answer was not that easy. The library itself has registered the object simply as a ‘gyroscope’.  This was also found in almost all of the solutions sent in, often correctly extended to ‘resonant gyroscope’

Asking various specialists did not give absolute certainty, but  there is a lot which indicates that our object must be a laminar frequency meter: “The gyroscope is launched; it is a little unbalanced and it is the cause of periodic excitations of the laminae with the frequency f. This frequency decreases gradually and a lamina begins to vibrate when the frequency f is equal to the eigenfrequency f0.”



Besides ‘gyroscope’, one competitor also mentioned the imbalance which seems to be typical of our mystery object. This was Roman Lakerveld, biology student. The winner receives a dinner for two at Restaurant Polder.