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Early this year the director of the UvA/AUAS library, Maria Heijne MA, was elected to the Member Advisory Board (MAB) of arXiv. arXiv is the oldest and largest preprint service in the world, created in 1991 by Paul Ginsparg and since 1999 hosted by Cornell University. At this moment arXiv provides open access to over 1.2 million preprints in the sciences and related disciplines.

Maria Heijne
Maria Heijne

arXiv is financed by Cornell University, the Simons Foundation and over 200 member organisations which each annually contribute in the order of thousands of dollars, according to their use. The University of Amsterdam is one of those member organisations and is also one of its largest consumers worldwide: in 2016 there were over 140,000 downloads made from the UvA domain, which made the UvA number 18 in the top 20 of users.

The Member Advisory Board of arXiv consists of 13 members who are elected from the member organisations. The MAB advises Cornell University, which is responsible administratively and financially for the management of the service, on the further development of standards, priorities and financing of arXiv. Maria Heijne has been elected for a four-year term.​​​ 

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