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Pure replaces the old (Personal) Metis at the University of Amsterdam as the system for registering research and publications.

Everyone at UvA who has anything to do with research will come into contact with Pure: the researchers themselves, but also staff of the secretariats and policy departments.

Just as presently data on research publications are sent from Metis to UvA-DARE and thus also to Google Scholar, Pure will be the source for both UvA-DARE and Google Scholar.


Pure automatically uploads publications from a number of databases, such as Scopus. This means that those data no longer need to be entered manually. The system allows plenty of leeway for open access. It will also be easier for researchers to profile themselves both internally and externally, for example by generating a CV. With Pure you can upload publications to external platforms, such as Academia and Researchgate.


The new system is far more user-friendly than Metis. The interface of Pure has a good ‘Help and support’ function with a manual and screencasts.
And you can always ask questions by sending an email to

Pure elsewhere

By now, over 150 organisations worldwide are already using Pure. In the Netherlands there are the universities of Utrecht, Groningen, Eindhoven and the KNAW, among others. At AUAS the new system has already been available from 2 November. AMC, VU and VUmc are changing to it in the immediate future.

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