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AmsterData Management System (AMS) is the name of the central Research Data Management system which will become available early in 2017. Maarten Hogenstijn, researcher in social entrepreneurship at AUAS sent in this name, thus winning the competition.

Maarten Hogenstijn: ‘For my research, which is covered by various professorships in two AUAS faculties – Business and Economics (FBE) and Applied Social Sciences and Law (FMR) -, I work with different data management systems. Being able to exchange data is therefore very important for me, as is storing data securely, of course. I would very much like there to be one standard for research data management within AUAS, at the moment each faculty has its own standard.’

User friendly and accessible to the right persons

‘As far as I am concerned, the system should not start from the idea of control, but above all of user-friendliness. Its aim must be to store data securely and make them available and accessible to the right persons. I am curious about the features of AMS, the future central RDM system. For me it is also important that it fits in well with different research environments.’

‘AmsterData Management System (AMS) seemed an appropriate name because it is short and clear and refers to Amsterdam, our common home base. And now enough has been said about the name, let’s get cracking with it!’


The jury of the competition consisted of participants of the implementation committee for the central RDM system. In this group representatives of all UvA and AUAS faculties have a say in the design of the system.

Storing and sharing research data securely

From 2017, the Library provides a central management system for research data. UvA and AUAS researchers can use it to archive their research data securely and share them with specific colleagues. This management system also enables the publishing of data, both open and under embargo.