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On 27 May 2016 the European ministers decided that by 2020 all academic publications on the results of publicly financed research should be freely available.

Research data must be optimally available for reuse, unless this is impossible because of intellectual property, security or privacy.

This decision is in agreement with the policy plan of the UvA/HvA Library, for whom open access is a spearhead, and more ambitious than the earlier plans for the Netherlands of State Secretary Sander Dekker.

In its policy plan [Dutch], the UvA/HvA Library has made the strategic choice to contribute to the quality of education and research by supporting the open sharing and reuse of results. Examples of this can be found on the RDM website and on the Library site under open access.

If you, as a researcher, wish to make your publications or research data freely available, and if you have any questions on this, please contact us by email at or