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In July the Art History Library moved to the University Library, Singel 425. The 40,000 titles in the collections of Art History and Cultural Studies are placed in open stacks again in three rooms in the library at Singel.

foto Monique Kooijmans

Arrangement of the collections

•    The art historical reference works, theoretical studies, iconographic publications and general works are housed on the 3rd floor in the B building (B 3.02)
•    The collection of Cultural Studies has been placed in the Aesthetics Study Room (C 2.02)
•    Publications on one or more specific art forms can be found on the 4th floor of the E building

Studying and borrowing

In the above-mentioned rooms there are enough study spaces to consult the books. If it should become too crowded, there is space elsewhere in the Library to consult them. You can check out books via the lending machine in the study room on the 4th floor of the E building and with the machines in the Red Room. When returning books, you can check them in at the machine next to the entrance to the Red Room. At various places in the University Library there are multifunctional machines for photocopying, scanning and printing.


Digitally, the move has also resulted in some changes. In the UvA catalogue the location indication KHI has been changed to GW-collecties UB. The call numbers of the Art History and Cultural Studies collections still start with 128 and 311.

Library desk and opening hours

The library desk for UB-GW is on the floor below, in the Study Room for Media Studies, Theatre Studies and Philosophy (E 3.01), where you can also find the shelves with books reserved for specific tutorials in Art History and Cultural Studies. The opening hours of the various rooms differ for each building. B 3.02, in the main building, has longer opening hours than the room on the 4th floor of the E building and the Aesthetics Study Room.