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The user at the centre, support of open sharing and the reuse of research results, the library at the heart of the campus, and libraries and museums as enhancers of the profile and image of the UvA and HvA. These are briefly the four strategic choices of the Library UvA/HvA in its policy plan 2015-2018 ‘Moving knowledge forward’.

In 2014 the Library formulated a new policy plan for the years 2015-2018, based on input from the library organisation itself and the UvA and HvA. This policy plan, which anticipates further integration of the University Library, the Library of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the heritage division (Allard Pierson Museum and Special Collections), was endorsed by the Executive Board in December 2014. The choices laid down in the policy plan aim at gaining full  advantage of the combination of the three divisions under the new name Library UvA/HvA.

Active partner in knowledge process

Essentially, the Library intends to be an active partner in the knowledge process, which is the driving force in the two universities. 

For the next four years, the policy rests on four strategic choices:

  • Students, lecturers and researchers find resources and information in the Library UvA/HvA in a way that is attuned to their requirements and needs.
  • The Library UvA/HvA contributes to the quality of education and research by supporting open sharing and reuse of results.
  • The Library UvA/HvA is the natural heart of the campus.
  • The Library UvA/HvA enhances the profile and image of the UvA and HvA.

Director Maria Heijne expresses it thus: ‘Whether it is about cherishing and developing our collection, providing a beautiful place for our students to write their papers, giving instruction on how to use our products and services, or organising exhibitions and events, what it comes down to is always to use our knowledge to enhance the knowledge of our target groups.’ The Library aims to be an inspiring and welcoming space to study, research and meet, both off and online, for researchers, lecturers, and students.  

Download the policy plan 2015-2018 of the Library UvA/HvA [in Dutch]