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Dutch universities have reached an agreement with publisher Springer on open access publishing in 2015 and 2016. Under the Agreement, all articles published by corresponding authors affiliated with a Dutch VSNU or NFU member institution will be published in open access free of charge for the author.

The agreement covers around 1,500 journals within the Springer OpenChoice program. Journals form learned societies, and journals in BiomedCentral and SpringerOpen are not covered. The agreement applies to all articles accepted in the eligible journals as of 1 January 2015.


In the new workflow, eligibility to publish your article as open access under this agreement will be verified by Springer and the UvA Library during the production process. AMC is included. This will require no extra work for the corresponding author, nor extra time in the publication process.

See all journals and articles covered by the VSNU-Springer agreement.

For more information on workflow, verification process or institutions covered: or contact UBAcoach.