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A user survey in 2013 made clear that students and staff of the UvA were not yet altogether satisfied with CataloguePlus. That is why the library is introducing improvements. The improved version of CataloguePlus will be running by September .

What is CataloguePlus?

In CataloguePlus you can not only find all books held by the UvA Library, but also most of the articles from e-journals to which the Library subscribes. Over 70 million journal articles can be read and downloaded full-text by UvA students and staff .

What are the improvements?

  • The order of search results is improved. In the relevance ranking, users often did not recognise why titles came up.
  • Two tabs enhance findability of books and digital articles. After a query you can select to browse either just the books or just the articles.
  • What is the relation between the catalogue, CataloguePlus and the databases? Where am I searching? The start screen makes this clear in text and imagery.
  • Finding a database will be far more straightforward.
  • The search window on the Library homepage will show some minor changes, with direct links to the start screens of CataloguePlus.

The library would very much like to hear your views on the improved CataloguePlus.