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Which UvA researchers publish most often in Nature or the Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap? Which networks do they have within the UvA? Which research schools have published most articles in 2012?

These and many other questions about the academic output of the UvA and the publishing behaviour of researchers are answered by UvA-view.

The database contains data from open resources (Metis/UvA-DARE, Google Scholar, Researchgate) and resources subscribed to by the University Library (Web of Science, Scholarly Stats, etc.) spanning the years 2000 – 2013. It is not a tool for literature research, for it does not show the titles of publications. It is, however, useful for global analyses.

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UvA-view is still in the beta phase.  Any comments and suggestions for improvement are very welcome to the creator of the database, Kasper Abcouwer (University Library information specialist).

drs. K.M. (Kasper) Abcouwer

Library of the UvA

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