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The University of Amsterdam has recently subscribed to the database Orbis. Orbis (global data) replaces the database Amadeus (Europe only). Amadeus will still be available in Wharton WRDS.

Orbis contains comprehensive information on companies worldwide both listed and unlisted. Listed companies are described in more detail. Orbis has information on 120 million private companies.

Orbis includes company financials in a standardised format, financial strength indicators, ratings, directors and contacts, original filings/images, stock data, private equity data and portfolios, patents, detailed corporate and ownership structures, industry research, business and company-related news and options to create your own ratios and bring in your own data fields.

Orbis is freely accessible within the UvA domain. It is also available from home through the disciplines page Economics and Business at the library website. Choose More databases > Orbis and log in with your UvAnetID.

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