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The membership fee for BioMed Central has been doubled. This has contributed to the Library’s decision not to continue membership as of 14 June 2014. As a consequence UvA authors no longer get a 15% reduction when publishing open access articles.

The UvA Library champions open access. With 6 publishing platforms the Library has agreements about the financing, as was the case with BioMed Central. Since 2003 UvA authors have been publishing articles with a 15% reduction, because the Library was a supporting member.

BioMed Central has now become an innovative start-up company under the wings of Springer. Membership fees have doubled, so that the benefit for the UvA as a whole has disappeared, in spite of reductions to individual authors. Negotiations with BioMed Central have been inconclusive, reason for the Library to cancel its subscription, and also a clear message to the publisher that the financial model employed by them may need rethinking.